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Safety First

"Tub Of The World" is proud to offer a high quality baby tub - SOFTTUB -at the best value.
Browse through our inventory below to get a better idea of the new Softtub. 


New product after Flexi Bath

This new tub is our NO.2 bathtub. Ealier we invented Flexi Bath. Now we do all we can to make the new borns welcome into this world. When covering 80% of the body with warm water you give the baby a relaxed experience, when bathing.
The tub is easy to handle online since it is foldable and a space saving device too. Only 2,5 kilo.

produktfoto4 softtubs 2.1471.png
Products: Products
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Buckettub concept, now just more safe and foldable

This new innovative bathtub for newborns (0 - to 14 month or when the child outgrows it)  All the benefits and goodness bucket tubs brings to the world we have too. Safety, wellness, mimics the womb of the mother and it saves 75% of normal water consumption for babies help for colic issues etc..
The Softtub is made of PP and TPE plastic, which is recyclable and environmentally safe and harmless. All standards for EU and US are approved.

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